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Mental Fermentation is a weekly podcast based in The Great Beer State of Michigan where all things associated with the production of beer are possible.  It is no

coincidence that Michigan possesses the fifth largest number of breweries in the country and is home of influential businesses like Bell’s Brewing and Founders 

Brewing Company. There is no better place to ask questions about beer.

This podcast was birthed on 1 January 2018 and is created, owned and maintained by Emily Bennett, writer and producer.

Emily dabbles in a myriad of projects to include her website Mitten Beer Girl in which she shares information about breweries and events across Michigan and occasional other states.  She visited every brewery in the state of Michigan in 2017, giving her lots of stories to tell.  Emily has a few additional titles:  Chaos Manager of This Craft Nation and S.M.U.T. (social media utilization technician) at Skydive Allegan as well as Nurse Practitioner at a local hospital.

For more information about Emily, please visit her about page here.