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Mental Fermentation – Intimate conversations about Beer

Mental Fermentation was born from the desire to learn as much about beer as possible.

As have many of you, I fell in love with the libation for a myriad of reasons. Being a writer and story collector by passion, a podcast focused on the art, history, science and ingredients of beer seemed a natural progression of this love and desire to learn. It stood to reason that others would find these insights and personal stories interesting as well.

Being a Michigander by birth, and a resident by choice

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, I was inadvertently placed in a fortuitous position. My state is in the higher echelons of the craft beer movement and my home is almost equidistantly located between Bell’s and Founders. Most importantly, I am surrounded by a professional culture built on the ideal that craft beer in Michigan is stronger through collaboration, not unhealthy competition.

Malt is the first ingredient the brewer addresses in the brewing processes. As Michigan is such a strong agricultural state, it seems fitting to focus the inaugural podcast season of Mental Fermentation on malt. Michigan State University has a strong barley program, working with a new, old strain called Spartan Barley. Many craft malt houses are emerging in the presence of farmers who are exploring the benefits of growing this previously prized grain. In addition, conversations spent with educators, scientists, historians and individuals who are passionate, support industry leaders will add color and structure to the story of beer. Later podcast seasons will focus on yeast, hops and water, with all of which are part of our agricultural and craft industry in Michigan.

As Mental Fermentation evolves, I will be looking to you, the listener, for your involvement through your questions for future guests. As the guests are confirmed, I will offer the ability to ask questions through social media and email which will be posed to these leaders in the industry.

Please follow Mental Fermentation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to the podcast through your program of choice. As always

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, I look forward to your comments, questions and insights.


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